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The Poundbury County House for the Dorset Federation gives Federation staff an office that is light and airy, with modern technological connections. The accessible Committee Room provides space not only for Federation Committee Meetings but also allows Federation volunteers to run briefings, workshops, conferences and events in the complex, with excellent transport connections, parking, and Poundbury facilities.

The WI has strong morals and reasons at the core of everything that we do. These are:

  • Connecting women
  • Empowering women
  • Supporting women
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Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Hints & Tips document we suggest you keep a few spare copies of the Consent Form at your sign in desk. As we are only looking for permission for photography, you could cut the form along the dotted line and offer this shortened version to guests, speakers or other members of the general public to complete.

In addition, it is recommended that you announce at the beginning of the meeting or event if photographs will be taken. If anyone does NOT wish their photo to be taken, the photographer should be alerted, including the Press.
You could customise the Consent Form for all members (the bottom section that deals with photography) to include permission for local and or national Press to take photographs and publish them.

There may be circumstances / events where, due to the size, the above solution is not possible. We would recommend posters that make attendees aware photographs will be taken, and that it is their responsibility to ensure the photographer is aware if they object.

he minuting of committee meetings is a legal requirement, as is the minuting of a WI Annual Meeting and form an important record of events.
With regard to minutes of committee meetings, it is important to note in full names of attendees and those who have sent apologies for absence. However, in the attendee list we recommend you write the name in full, followed by their initials in brackets.

Thereafter refer by initials only. Use the same method to assign actions or tasks to individuals and to note proposals and seconded by, whether within an Annual Meeting or otherwise. Under GDPR, if people are named or referred to in minutes or notes of meetings this is classed as personal data. As minutes / notes are circulated and therefore in the public domain you should seek consent from those present to publish their name against items such as vote of thanks, seconding motions, etc. This is important should your WI receive a Subject Access Request when you would need to provide copies of minutes, records of meetings and attendance lists. This is unlikely but cannot be ruled out completely.

Finally, because the documents may contain confidential information, in addition to names, it is recommended that you password protect the document. This is especially important if you share a computer with another person. This is simple to do and guidance can be provided if required.

Yes. All current WI members and all future new member need to sign a Consent Form as it gives proof of consent to use members personal details, necessary since 25 May 2018. It must be kept securely by a named person, preferably an officer, and usually the Secretary, but it can be a Committee Member. The appropriate form must be destroyed when membership ceases.

As we are not using consent for the membership form, we are using legitimate interests, we do not need to prove the consent in the same way, so you can destroy the form after you have entered the information on the MCS. (This answer came from the data protection team at National.)

Signature on the New Member Registration Form reflects the person’s wish to be a member and confirms the details on the form are correct. The personal details are then necessary to administer membership, eg send copies of WI Life, provide a password to access “My WI” and therefore becomes legitimate interest where consent is not required.

It gives consent for use of personal information by the WI, eg to send emails to members.

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