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Membership & Support Information

The Membership and Support Team is made up of six WI Advisers, an Adviser Helper and a representative of the Board of Trustees. We are supported by our Federation Secretary and report to the Board of Trustees. WI Advisers are WI members who have undertaken special training provided by NFWI and are appointed jointly by the Federation and NFWI.

WI Advisers
Liz Smith Chairman
Leri Ayre
Sue Hibbard
Yvonne Marsh
Gill Samways
Jan Watson

WI Adviser Helper
Shelley Jeffries

Board of Trustees representative
Jenny Preston

Federation Secretary
Diane Towndrow

What is our role?

Support: WI Advisers are here to support WIs in every way that we can. We might not always know the answer straight away, but we usually know where to look or the right person to ask. We can all be contacted by email or phone, and we will arrange to visit your WI if that is the best way we can help you. You can always contact the Federation Office to pass on messages to us.

Training: We have a planning meeting every year to ensure that we regularly hold workshops for Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers. From time to time, we hold other workshops such as how to hold an Annual Meeting and Programme Planning, or a meeting for New Members. We can always arrange to link you up with another member if that helps. For example, a one to one via Zoom to look at the electronic accounts book.

Opening new WIs: sometimes a WI has a waiting list so an Adviser can work with those in the area to hold information meetings with a view to opening a new WI. Sometimes a new WI can be formed in an area which does not have a WI. An Adviser will work with the new committee to help them through the first year.

Suspending WIs : This is not something that we like to see happening, but sometimes it is the only option. However, suspending a WI is something that constitutionally can only be undertaken by a WI Adviser. If a WI is thinking of suspending then a WI Adviser will visit to talk through the options that can include trying to keep that WI active and possible enlargement with another WI.

Some helpful sources of information:

The WI Handbook – This is available on the NFWI website. A text only version is available to print.

My WI – The members only area of the NFWI website. Running your WI has a lot of helpful information including financial information.

The Constitution – Every WI should have a copy of this and the latest version can be found on My WI.

Interested in being an Adviser or Adviser Helper :

Talk to a WI Adviser about the role. We are happy to share information about what we do.

Look on My WI

Request to attend a Membership & Support meeting as an observer.

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